Suprise Bonus Callings~

Happy Holidays, Folks

There are many holidays observed throughout the Oradam Rift and all the Worlds of MEGALOS, but today I bring you: New-Callings-Weenmastide! For a while now I've been pecking away in my spare time on coming up with stats for a few new Callings for the three main classes in MEGALOS Core, the Witch, Throne, and Invoker. They're finally ready for release, so I've added them in a little ashcan document to the game page!

The new Callings you'll find within are the Sword Mage (a swashbuckling Witch that dives head-first into battle with blade in hand), the Encarmine (a bloodsoaked Throne that draws power from an Upyric heritage and can form weapons from their very blood), and the Paintwright (an Invoker artist whose paintings and drawings come to life to defend them and accompany them on their journeys).

I hope y'all have or had some good holidays, and enjoy the new Callings I've cooked up. The full playtest version of the Webs & Wires document is still being worked on and should be available sometime after the new year. Between the 9 Callings in the Core book, the 3 bonus ones I've just handed over, and the 9 more Callings (across 3 new classes) in Webs & Wires, MEGALOS is shaping up to be the game I always wanted it to be: filled to the brim with interesting and diverse player options.




Ashcan - Finished Text - MEGALOS CORE.pdf 1 MB
Dec 16, 2021
DEPRECATED (v1.2) - 3 New Callings for MEGALOS.pdf 116 kB
Dec 16, 2021


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