MEGALOS v1.3 Update (part 1 of 2)

Update v1.3

The currently available ashcan draft of MEGALOS has been updated to version 1.3. Taking some innovations from a couple of other Slipstream games I've been working on here and there in my off-time, I've redesigned, tightened, or re-explained several elements of the game. The other documents, including the full character sheets, the Quickstart adventure, and the bonus Callings, will all be updated to match v1.3 shortly (that'll be part 2 of this update push).

A full patch notes log of every single change is untenable given their scope, but I've done my best to provide an explanation of the main changes in the outline I used to organize and inform those changes (reproduced below):

Redesigned Core Mechanic/Roll

Characters have a Core Bonus (CB) which increases as they gain levels. Traits allow you to add your CB to any applicable roll. CB starts at +3 and increases by +1 every even-numbered level to a maximum of +6 at Level 6. Your CB also adds to your attack rolls and damage inflicted with non-Quick actions.

Redesigned Combat

Introduction of the Cooldown (or CD) and Long Cooldown (or LCD) tags for actions. Actions with the Cooldown tag may only be used every other round. Actions with the Long Cooldown tag may only be used once per encounter.

Combatants have the following turn phases:

  • Movement - move 2 zones or use a movement power. Most movement powers can only be used every other round (Cooldown).
  • 1 Full action or 2 Half actions.
  • 1 Quick action (Auto-Attack or a calling-unique ability). 

Range & Engagement:

  • Melee attacks can only be used against engaged enemies (range 0).
  • Ranged attacks suffer disadvantage on attack rolls against targets with whom they are engaged, and also trigger a Punishment opportunity from the target. This also applies to ranged Auto-Attacks.


  • When engaged with a creature that performs an action while SLOWED, or who leaves an engagement with any movement other than teleportation, you may punish them. Inflict AAD on the triggering creature.
  • Punishment costs a Reaction Opportunity. Characters gain additional Reaction Opportunities per round as they rank up.

New Terrain Type:

  • Power Terrain - Areas of Power Terrain are affected by a creature’s powers, and have a particular effect determined by the power that created them.


  • Changed from a stated range to a number to exceed on the d6. This keeps more consistent with the general roll philosophy of “higher = better”. For example, instead of “SFX (1-3)” it would be “SFX (4+)”.

General design philosophy changes:

  • More direct healing or powers which provide both healing and recovery points. Recovery points are maxed at 10 permanently now, no longer increasing with Level.
  • Consumable items provide direct HP healing.
  • Pure healers will tend to grant more direct HP healing while the healing powers of non-healers will tend to grant more recovery points.
  • More healer-role NPCs/monsters.

Redesigned Equipment


  • Determine your attack dice (2d20 for Heavy, 3d20 for light).
  • Determine Auto-Attack range (0 for melee, 3 for ranged).
  • Increase damage with all attacks (including Auto-Attacks). Heavy is +6, light is +2. Melee weapons gain +1 damage over ranged.
  • Have mods (as before, more or less). Some mods are locked to your weapon's type or range.
  • Have a type 
    • Dual: +1 to Defenses.
    • Martial: +2 to-hit.
    • Elemental: +2 damage, but requires magazines.
    • Shield: +2 to Soak.
    • Trigger: Have 2 sets of mods you can switch between.


  • Choose priorities for your armor, which determine its stats. Choose one of each priority (A, B, C).
    • Armor HP. A: 15, B: 12, C: 9
    • Defenses. A: +3, B: +2, C: +1.
    • Soak. A: +2, B: +1, C: +0.

Redesigned Class/Calling Setup

Class and Calling core mechanics have been either redesigned or re-explained to play more smoothly at-table. Additionally, almost all Class and Calling abilities (powers & talents) have either been completely re-designed or re-explained using slimmer notation.

Each class has the following:

  • Power stunts - add +1 die in a specific situation, use one skill in place of other skills, craft something for free, or unique.
  • 2 core abilities (can be powers or traits).

Each calling has the following:

  • Base HP of either 18 (Striker/Heals) or 25 (Tank).
  • Base Defenses (8/12 or 10/10 for Tank/Striker) or (11/11 or 12/10 for Heals).
    • Physical Defense is renamed “Dodge”.
    • Magickal Defense is renamed “Ward”.
  • Auto-Attack damage (5 for Tank/Heals, 8 for Striker).
  • Soak rating (d6 for Striker/Heals, d10 for Tank).
  • A unique Quick action relating to their calling mechanic or role.
  • 12 core powers and 6 core traits. Characters will start with 4 powers and 1 trait. Over the course of ranking up, they'll gain 3 more powers and 3 more traits.

Cheers, folks.


MEGALOS CORE V1.3 - Google Docs Ashcan.pdf 1 MB
Feb 21, 2022
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Feb 21, 2022


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