Print Edition v0.91 update

Print v0.91 bugfixes update

Just a quick post today with bugfixes, clearing out some of the known issues (sorry, "Known Issuses") list. See changelog below for deets.

Changelog - v0.91

  • Fixed several typos or misaligned verbiage.
  • Was able to shrink filesizes further without doing noticeable harm to the image quality.
  • Readjusted the appearance and alignment for text boxes.
  • Fixed incorrect list formatting on p. 196 that was leading to a cut off paragraph on p. 197 
  • Updated the Cook A Meal rest action description to match my final version notes. It now requires 1 Culinarian Resource per person to be fed. This action was originally written before the Coalescence rules were finalized and some wires got crossed between versions when formatting.
  • Adjusted cost of Roadmeal (p. 194) to 2 libras so that it's not as ominously cheaper than making your own food with the Cook A Meal rest action.
  • Changed description of stabilizer crystals (p. 197) to more accurately describe their size as tiny shards of larger aether crystals.
  • Increased the MR for Very High value/complexity item coalescence to "3 Crystals, 15 Resources" up from 3c/12r.
  • Re-added the missing Phases of Play & Downtime pages to the end of the Game Mastery chapter (still not sure how they got omitted from the export... Affinity was wild for that one)
  • Clarified foe talent Swift Blows to specify the secondary target takes half the damage of the initial Strike action's target.
  • Was not able to fix the compression issue that's killing the nice gradients on the item statblocks (p. 184-203). Still working on finding the right settings to prevent that when compressing the final files.


MEGALOS Core Rulebook - SPREADS - Final v0dot91.pdf 26 MB
Dec 02, 2022
MEGALOS Core Rulebook - PAGES - Final v0dot91.pdf 24 MB
Dec 02, 2022


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