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Aetherological Crystalpunk RPG

MEGALOS is a game for telling stories about adventures in the clouds, fighting evil empires, and dueling ancient gods. The Worlds of MEGALOS are vast and old, each a cosmic emanation connected to one another by the Wellspring- the source of all aether in the cosmos. Make your own World of MEGALOS or play in one of ours, from the Oradam Rift to Pallid Telkane to Zone Gachette. Soar through the air in an airship, dogfight imperials, and wield aetheric magicks as a punk-rock witch.

This tabletop game is inspired by such disparate elements as classic JRPGs, electronica music, and medieval alchemy. MEGALOS is the first game to use a carefully developed roleplaying engine called SLIPSTREAM, which uses pools of d20s as the core of its task resolution mechanic.

Crystalpunk Fantasy.

Lightweight Tactical Combat.

Built for Adventure.

Welcome to MEGALOS.

The Psythe

The Psythe calling for MEGALOS, one of 9 core Callings.

MEGALOS is also the debut fantasy tabletop roleplaying game of my cooperative, The Twisting Host RPG Collective. MEGALOS serves a platform designed to support multiple different settings and genres in a layered multiverse built onto a shared framework of aetherological science.

The MEGALOS Core book will feature all the rules you need to play in any World of MEGALOS, or to create your own. It comes packaged with the first MEGALOS Worldbook, The Oradam Rift, a world of floating islands drifting amidst the vasty emptiness of a chasm cleft from north to south pole in a planet called Gaaln. The Oradam Rift is a place of magick and magitech, of imperial crusades and desperate revolutions. Adventure awaits, from the Unshrouded Lands below to the Ebon Moon above.

The game was successfully funded with almost 140% of its original goal. The game has been in development for more than 3 years at this point, going through a dozen iterations and total system redesigns. But finally, it's becoming a reality. We also unlocked a second book, Webs & Wires, which will be available here when its pdf is completed.

The Basics of MEGALOS

I've just put together a document showcasing a basic overview of the game, its mechanics, the character and combat structures used, and a definition of both aetherology and crystalpunk. 

Check it out here!: MEGALOS Basics!

Current State of the Project

The game is currently in Early Access, and purchasing the project at this point will get you the following:

  • NEW! The Ashcan draft of the complete text of the MEGALOS Core Rulebook! Includes the first of the Worlds of MEGALOS Worldbooks, The Oradam Rift, sporting a fully realized setting and associated bestiary. 
  • NEW! A bonus document detailing 3 brand new Callings for the 3 Classes available in the Core book was just added! Check out the Sword Mage (Witch Calling), Encarmine (Throne Calling), and Paintwright (Invoker Calling)!
  • NEW! A 4th Class called the Primalist has been added to the Bonus Callings & Classes
  • The Beta Quickstart Rules and associated documents. Including a Quickstart dungeon crawling adventure called The Amaranthine Vault.
  • Form-fillable pdf character sheets, along with high res exports appropriate for printing out.

The finished, full graphic edition of the Core Rulebook will be uploaded in the coming months after art and layout have been completed.

Follow me on Twitter for more regular MEGALOS updates, @Gahostan.

Update v1.4

The currently available ashcan draft is version 1.4 of the MEGALOS Core Rulebook. Along with the improvements and changes made in V1.3, I've re-designed the bestiary, added a couple monsters, and a huge system for building and customizing monsters and NPCs. This rebuild of the last chapter also includes recommendations and structures for balancing encounters.


Buy Now$29.99 USD or more

In order to download this early access game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $29.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MEGALOS CORE V1.4 - Google Docs Ashcan.pdf 1 MB
Bonus Classes & Callings for MEGALOS.pdf 204 kB
Black & White Character Sheet design v1.4.pdf 49 kB
DEPRECATED (v1.2) - MEGALOS Quickstart Files.zip 2 MB
DEPRECATED (v1.2) - PRINT MEGALOS sheets.zip 2 MB

Development log


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Recently found out about MEGALOS and loving everything I'm seeing and reading about it.

After reading the New Game quick-start files and comparing them to the v1.4 Ashcan draft, it appears that many things have changed (in particular I noticed AAD being renamed Core Damage and how the Witch's Aether Current mechanic works, though there are probably others I missed) and this has me curious if there will be an updated Ashcan copy released to bring it up to the same version of the ruleset as New Game or if that's even reasonable possibility before the final release?

This game looks absolutely phenomenal on a read-through but I'm wondering, do you think it'd be a good fit for an FFXIV campaign? The mechanics are so elegant, but I'm just wondering what callings I could relate to which Jobs and so on. 

Just dropping in to say: *vibrating excitedly*

(honestly though this looks so rad, Matty)


are we commenting on the "page XX" references?

Yep! I just swapped out the document with an updated version that finalized all the Pg. XX's to reference the correct page numbers.


EAGERLY anticipating the official release!!