Finished Text & Ashcan Draft! 🥳


At long last, I've finished finalizing the text for the MEGALOS Core Rulebook! It clocks in at 233 pages in its current manuscript form, and includes the full Worldbook for the first World of MEGALOS, the Oradam Rift. The ashcan manuscript is the finalized text (barring additions from Patron Saint-level backers) of the game and includes expanded class and calling options, the Coalescence crafting rules, two new weapon types, an expanded bestiary, and several optional rule modules you can choose to use or not.

What comes next is continued work on the art and layout for the final full-graphic edition of the core book. Other parts of the original kickstarter campaign, like the Webs & Wires splatbook, are also on the docket, but will be getting their own itch pages when they roll out. Just like with this core book, backers who backed at a level to get the splatbook will be getting the itch key for free when it's ready for beta playtest documents to be put up.

As usual, be sure to follow me on Twitter @gahostan to keep up with MEGALOS developments and my other game projects!

Happy Friday, everyone~~


ASHCAN - Finished Text - MEGALOS CORE.pdf 1 MB
Nov 05, 2021
DEPRECATED (v1.2) - MEGALOS Quickstart 2 MB
Nov 05, 2021


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