MEGALOS Quickstart Bestiary & Adventure!

Howdy, Howdy, Howdy

I've just added a 19-page Quickstart Bestiary to the files available on the product page! Learn all about the various beasts and baddies lurking in the Oradam Rift, the first World of MEGALOS that will be packaged with the Core book on its release. A few days ago I also added The Amaranthine Vault, a 32-page quickstart adventure that you can play with your friends to immediately jump into the Worlds of MEGALOS. All these are available at no charge for people who either backed the kickstarter or buy into the game now, as an early access quickstart release.

A bit late, as they were promised on 8/31/21 per the Kickstarter Roadmap I published. But better late than never, I suppose! 


MEGALOS Quickstart Bestiary.pdf 273 kB
Sep 05, 2021
The Amaranthine 1 MB
Sep 02, 2021


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