MEGALOS Quickstart update 1.1!

Quickstart Update 1.1

Hey y'all! Ahead of the release of the first Quickstart adventure and the premade characters, I've just uploaded the most recent versions of for the Quickstart Rules and Character Creation docs!

Peep the change log here:

- Version 1.1 Update -

General/System Updates

  • Changed “Bonus” actions to “Fast” actions, and “Primary” actions to “Slow” actions. I was unsatisfied with the wording and how these were being categorized. It felt like it added a needless layer of obfuscation to their purpose. The new names are more evocative of what they’re really supposed to be representing.
  • Added accuracy dice to Unarmed Attack profiles (pg. 36 of the Characters document).
  • Added section on pg. 15 of the Rules document describing how Bonus HP gained from character actions and abilities works.
  • WHOOPS: changed the “Base Defenses” section of the Callings to read “Base Stats” and included each class’s base HP. Because that was apparently something I overlooked in the original issuing of this document. 
  • Removed reference to the “normal maximum” amount of Grit being 5, a relic of a previous version of the game, found on Leisure items (pg. 44 of Characters document)

Class & Calling Updates

  • Let Us Pray power buffed, now affects up to 3 allies in your zone.
  • Signifier talent (pg. 31 Characters) clarified to explain that the temporary Glyph is of the same color as the original Glyph created by the power.
  • En Vir Mani power (pg. 32 Characters) buffed slightly to 4 recovery.
  • Runic Levitation power (pg. 33 Characters) renamed Sigil of Flight.
  • Redistribute power (pg. 27 Characters) nerfed. Aether Current effect increased in cost to 2 ACL.
  • Blood Knight talent (pg. 21 Characters) slightly buffed. Increased bonus to Outfit HP from +4 to +5 to bring it in line with the Warrior Priest talent.
  • Coronal Verdict and Desolating Verdict (pg. 17 Characters) both nerfed to bring them more in line with the damage of other Fast Actions.
  • Summon Gygus… power (pg. 13 Characters) slightly buffed to 8 damage, up from 6.
  • Summon Hajmaul… power (pg. 13 Characters) slightly buffed to 5 damage, up from 4.
  • Blood Seals talent (pg. 12 Characters) functionality changed:
    • “When I defeat an enemy with a Summon power, I regain the use of one of my Shattered Seals. Max 1 Seal/round.”
  • The Warrior’s Rage (pg. 11 Characters) Fast Action functionality changed:
    • “I burn the Warrior’s fury and prowess into my soul. I inflict +2 damage with all damaging actions while I’m channeling this Memory.”
  • Icy Shield power (pg. 10 Characters) buffed from flat 5 bonus HP to (5 + Level) bonus HP.

The Amaranthine Vault and the premade characters should become available tomorrow, as long as my final passthrough goes well and I don't need to majorly rewrite anything. 

Hit me up on Twitter @Gahostan if you ever want to talk MEGALOS!


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