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Darkness stirs in the Ebonwood Veil. Ebonbloom Seers have disappeared while conducting a yearly restrite for the nearby necropolis.

From the Ashes is content patch 1.X for CRYSTALLINE, a rules-lite action TTRPG Illuminated by Lumen. This patch will follow the excellent Season Pass format pioneered by Gila RPGs/Spencer Campbell with their game LIGHT.

How It Works

You pay for this content patch once and you get 4 modules, one released every month for 4 months. The first module is called The Halgarai Cairnrest, a guided adventure for your group of intrepid Heritors and some additional rules and guidance for creating and running adventures in CRYSTALLINE.

Next month, and until the season pass has ended, a new content update will be added to this page and you can come download that as well.

Pay once, and you snag yourself 4 modules over 4 months. 

At $8, that's just 2 bucks per module.

Follow me on Twitter @gahostan for news and updates related to CRYTALLINE and my other games and projects.

Currently Available Modules

  • Module 1: The Halgarai Cairnrest - A guided adventure with new bosses, new monsters, and new advice and rules for building Crystalline adventurers.
  • Module 2: The Karst Oubliette - Another adventure delving into the ancient past of Hallowhome, a tragedy from the Magi War, and further twisted machinations of the Cult of the End.
  • Module 3: The Corpse's Hand - The Heritors learn of the Voidsong Prophecy and the origins of the Cult of the End, and must face their greatest challenge yet in their quest to dismantle the Cult's evil plans.
  • Module 4: The Chamber Maledict - The Heritors confront the nightmare at the heart of the Voidsong Prophecy, and meet a mysterious new enemy.
  • Bonus Module: New Soul Stones! - Because I took forever (literally 4 months) to complete the final module, I've also thrown in a 5th module that includes 3 new soul stones: the deadly Morient, the brilliant Sophist, and the beguiling Muse.
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Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

In order to download this Season Pass you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

CRYS1.1 From the Ashes - Halgarai Cairnrest.pdf 154 kB
CRYS1.2 From the Ashes - Karst Oubliette.pdf 159 kB
CRYS1.3 From the Ashes - Corpse's Hand.pdf 154 kB
CRYS1.4 From the Ashes - Chamber Maledict.pdf 161 kB
CRYSTALLINE New Soul Stones.pdf 66 kB

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