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A Tale of Souls & Stones, Illuminated by LUMEN

Powered by the exciting LUMEN engine, this game brings you into a world ravaged by Calamity. One which only you and yours have the clarity of vision to save. You are Heritors, the bearers of Soul Stones- mnemocite gems which record the deeds and powers of the great heroes who once bore them. If you want to make sure that yours isn't the last generation of this faltering world, you'll have to embark on adventures to topple the Empire, face the Shadows, and extinguish the fires of war which threaten to burn all to ash.


The LUMEN engine uses pools of d6s for action resolution with success thresholds based on the highest rolled result. Each character has a unique class (in CRYSTALLINE, a soul stone) which grants them abilities they can use in battle.

Combat is a rocket-propelled action scene in which the characters tear down waves of foes and match their powerful abilities against staggering boss monsters.

CRYSTALLINE currently features 15 soul stones to choose from with both unique and some shared abilities. It also has a Skillchain system for stringing together elementally-powered combo attacks with your allies to unleash powerful Skillchain Trigger effects.

This text has everything you'll need to get started on your adventures, including 20 example enemies, bosses, adventure design and treasure rules, and the basic systems required to run the game.

Explicit Acknowledgments

This game is a LUMEN exploration of a world and setting inspired by Final Fantasy XIV and other aetherological fantasy stories. If you've been looking for a way to bring FFXIV cutscenes and boss battles to life at your table, look no further! This is by no means an official product, and uses none of SE's trademarked material. It's a love letter to Hydaelyn, Eorzea, and the adventures of the Warrior of Light.

Content Patches

This game will be entering itchfunding soon (once I figure out how to configure the goal), to pay for art commissions from several FFXIV fan artists. My goal is to create a gorgeous final product and then fund a physical print run.

Additionally, there will be occasional content patches including new classes (you might notice a couple of conspicuous absences...), new foes, adventures, and Raid encounters. Please look forward to it!

This game is Illuminated by LUMEN, based on the LUMEN RPG system designed by Spencer Campbell, Gila RPGs. This game is in no way affiliated with Spencer Campbell or Gila RPGs.

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Hey, the daeonbast characters sound fun, but I'm having trouble with the visual. I've seen the shark like person from Megalos, is that what you're talking about? Or perhaps the zora from Zelda?

Just brought this, does anyone know if there's a character sheet available?

the site says it's on sale for 1% off but it's 10 cents more than the normal price 


Ah yeah, it's a little confusingly worded. It's -1% off, a "negative sale", so +10 cents. The reason for this is that in order to get the large goal tracker graphic, I had to set up a sale for it and itch wouldn't let me put it up as a sale of 0% off, so the next closest as a negative-sale of 1%.

ahh okay then