Sword Saints Full Graphic Edition Available!

Full Edition Launch


So I've finally finished the full graphic edition. It's a sans-art (because I don't have any right now) graphic layout edition clocking in at 223 pages. I've updated this from a beta to a full game, though the beta is still available.

The pricing structure for the game has also changed. For 4$ you'll get the black-n-white google doc edition that was available as the beta. For $12 you'll gain access to the fancy full graphic edition.

There are also various tweaks and reorganizations throughout. I've altered the shared memories system to accommodate the Choir Stress track. I've taken the consent and safety section and put it closer to the front of the book, in Meditations (where it should have been all along- not tucked away back in the Artifice meta-chapter).

Please hit me up on twitter if you wanna talk about the game, have any questions, or just wanna. Now I need to go get ready, as I'm about to embark on a minor adventure. I'll have my phone and I'll be checking in regularly.

I hope you have a chance to enjoy this game - I was up til 5 a.m. last night/morning finishing it and I'm pretty proud of the result. Have fun!

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Is there anything that can be done for people who bought the beta before this release? I know originally there was mention of somehow offering the full version at a reduced price for beta buyers.


I'm away from home at the moment, but I'll be digging into ways to do that later tonight. The method I'd previously attempted wasn't working so I'll be trying to find a way to get it to people at a discount.

Worst case scenario I'll email a download code to people. X'D This wasn't as easy to do as I'd hoped and I don't want anyone to feel bad about having bought the pre-release version.