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... And Friends, Their Helpful Swords

The Sword Saints - BETA file has been updated to include the final major piece of its content: Scenario Play rules and the example scenario- ... And Friends, Their Helpful Swords. This scenario gives you a jump-start on the action of Sword Saints, introducing you to many elements of the game and its world. A solitaire Saint helping their estranged daughter commit acts of dissidence against the autarchy has been captured, and the strange necklace they left behind has led their daughter to the players' choir for help.

While the rest of the rules of this game are entirely unrelated to it, the Scenario Play format is based on the outline/format of incursions, the adventure modules used by the game Trophy Gold (trophyrpg.com). Trophy Gold is a product of Jesse Ross and Hedgemaze Press, and the format has been licensed for use here by the permission of the author. 

(I feel the need to stress again, this game is not rooted in Trophy, I don't want anyone confused on that point- I just really liked their method of organizing scenarios and asked if I could use it)

This update rounds out the Sword Saints - BETA file, which is now a truly complete beta of the game. The numbers and specifics of the game will continue to be tweaked and edits will continue to happen as I decide I dislike the way I've worded something or wish to rearrange some stuff. But in the macro, this is now a finished game. I'm working on the formatting for the finalized .PDF, which should drop in the next few weeks, depending on how busy things get at work and how crazy my weekends become.

I love you all, thank you for supporting Sword Saints. I hope you enjoy it! Please hit me up on twitter if you wanna talk about it (@gahostan). I'm p sure my DMs are open, but I also enjoy random @'ings.


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