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We return to the Cage

Sword Saints: Neology offers a new way to play the Sword Saints RPG, empowered by the Superfantasy game framework. Become a self-created demigod of swords, a Dream in Blood, and take the fight to the soul-crushing Autarchs, rulers of a sprawling omnitropolis known as the Cage.

Sword Saints: Neology is built for fast-paced and over-the-top action, freeform superpowers that encourage you to solve problems creatively, and exploring a strange and oppressive science-fantasy dystopia. The Saints are functionally immortal, but they change over time, losing memories and gaining new ones. Each time you're Shattered, you create a new body for yourself and start your war against the Cage all over again.


  • A light-weight system based on pools of 6-sided dice.
  • A system for creative superpowers based on Jon East's EMPOWER.
  • A science-fantasy dystopia familiar to fans of the subgenre, but with plenty of its own surprises.
  • A setting built for telling found-family stories of powerful yet fragile characters.

The Book of the Cage contains a full primer on the setting's details, while all game rules are found in the NEOLOGY book.

More Coming Soon

  • Character sheets
  • Introductory adventure
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GenreRole Playing
TagsDice, matara, Sci-fi, superfantasy, Swords, sword-saints


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Is this going to one day get a physical release?


what is the superfantasy game framework?