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The Doom Approaches, Heroes

Superfantasy is a tabletop roleplaying game about fantasy superheroes in a world on the brink of devastation. The heroes are powerful, but the world is beset by an implacable Doom which only they can face. 

What's This One?

This game builds off of the EMPOWER system by Jon East, which was originally created to add a new and creative way to handle superpowers in RPGs. Superfantasy embraces all of the most hard-hitting and over-the-top aspects of modern pop-fantasy to deliver a game where mighty knights tromp about in magical power armor, focused wizards wield immense and catastrophic magics, and skillful rogues become one with the shadows.

The Basics

This game uses d6s to generate results, collateral damage, and madcap mishaps. Every player has the freedom to do what they wish with their powers, and describe how they solve problems. There's no exhaustive list of actions, and instead players are encouraged to react to changing circumstances and use their powers to survive. Creative and interesting use of your power set is the name of the game.

Good Hunting, Heroes

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GenreRole Playing
Tagsd6, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Tabletop role-playing game


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After a couple sessions I can say this game really delivers! It still needs a little fine-tuning (e.g.: one of the players noticed pointed out that the "Magicked Focus" item is too powerful compared to all the others, and I have to agree, after seeing how much it helped in that game), but it already is a wonderful work.
The resolution mechanic is very dynamic, and really makes the characters feel powerful, and it makes it easy to reward creative thinking. The GM needs a little care when crafting encounters, if they want the players to feel threatened, especially if you take the Defend reaction too lightly, as I did.
It's one of those games that hooks you in with ease and leaves you wanting to play it again after each session, and I can't recommend it enough!


Thanks so much for the comment and I'm really glad you're enjoying it!

I've got a free add-on ("Customizing Superfantasy", which will have some optional rules and new resources for players and GMs) and some updates/rebalances to some of the core text coming soonish. Aiming for early July, as I'm moving, starting a new job, and finishing up a big hardcover game release, so this is admittedly coming behind those other things. 😂


Any news on the add-on? Can't wait to see it !


just bought the game yesterday ! Nay news about this game add-on ?

I too am curious about this add on!


What an awesome, AWESOME take on heroic fantasy! This game has me so inspired, I live tweeted my first readthrough over here and could not contain my excitement: https://twitter.com/yes_jon/status/1404836741018570755