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Project Animus

Reject Their Fantasies & Substitute Your Own

Project Animus brings you roleplaying in realms beyond fantasy. This game was created as a unofficial spiritual successor to an older game of heroic fantasy, bringing that game's soul to life with modern mechanics and structures.

This book contains everything you need to create stories of heroic adventure outside of the limits of dank, depressing dungeons and ancient, grumpy dragons. Let your mind fly where it will, create worlds wonderful and strange, tell stories of empowerment and heroic revolution.

The Basics

  • D100 Roll-Over core resolution: D100 + (Skill × 10) versus Target Number.
  • Dice explode when you roll over a certain threshold, allowing you to roll again and add the second result.
  • 4 different types of supernatural abilities (blade arts, magick, psychic powers, and creature summoning).
  • Suggested cosmology and some setting conventions, without an iron-clad setting to box you in.
  • Weapon templates instead of rules for specific weapons. Pick the stats that you like most or which best fit the type of weapon you want to wield.
  • Equipment customization through a swappable talisman system, allowing you to add and remove specific enchantments at will.
  • Story Beat advancement system allows you to advance your character and shape the game's direction at the same time.

Many Paths to Power

Project Animus gives you an open ended character creation framework with the ability to pursue one or more of the game's 4 mechanically distinct types of supernatural powers:

  • Blade Arts: Wield your life force, your Vis, as a weapon. Create your own secret techniques of supernatural martial arts and wield them in battle.
  • Rivers of Magick: Specialize in the 9 different Rivers of Magick, drawing khaos from the spaces beyond reality.
  • Psychic Powers: Expand your mind and hone your powers to deadly precision. Explore the 9 different Psychic Disciplines and practice their ways to perfection.
  • Summoning + Arcana: Entities called Forces long to return to our world and drink of its vast stores of aether. Help pry open holes in the Barriers to allow these beings passage in exchange for negotiated Favors.

Story Beat Advancement

Characters have both personal and Campaign Beats they seek out in order to advance. The Beats chosen help shape the game's direction and tone alike, and can be regularly swapped out in order to re-calibrate the group's focus.

Help turn the campaign you are playing into exactly the one you want to play, and advance your character by doing so.

Deep, Tactical Combat

Without needing minis and maps! Unless you want them there, the game's combat is designed to work just fine while playing in a "Theater of the Mind" setting.

Leverage your character's strengths, manage their weaknesses, and make choices that determine the flow and pace of combat. Combat is powered by a pass-based initiative system, giving you a choice-based action economy that brings a variety of risk/reward elements to any battle. 

Customized Creatures

Project Animus gives you rules for both common folk and monsters which allow you to have a template available for any sort of character or creature. Customize your creatures on the fly using the options available or use them as guidelines for creating your own customizations. 

From only a few templates can spring hundreds of enemies, allies, and beasts of legend.

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Later editions of the game will be made freely available to those who buy this current version, without an increased price or need to buy again.

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Hello. 😊 I was wondering if there were anymore community copies available?

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