Season 1.X From the Ashes now available!

Well Met, Heritors!

So I've just put together the first Season Pass for CRYSTALLINE covering patch 1.X: From the Ashes. The Season Pass format allows you to pay once ($8 is the asking price) and receive 4 modules released once a month over the course of 4 months. That's just $2 per module!

The first module to be released is called The Halgarai Cairnrest. It's a guided adventure into a vast catacomb structure beneath the Ebonwood Veil forests. 

Next module will be coming out in late June. Stay tuned for updates as that draws closer.

Character Sheets and Edits

I've made a small handful of edits for clarity or grammar and added in a missing tag (the Blackout tag wasn't listed, whoops), and I'll be uploading the updated version of the CRYSTALLINE core text here shortly. I'm also going to be working on character record sheets over the next few days and will be adding those to the main CRYSTALLINE page.

Thank you so much for your support and help in making CRYSTALLINE a success. Love ya.


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