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Hi, I'm interested in Sword Saints, but I'm unsure on what the differences between this one and the Sword Saints: Neology are. Is this effectively the original setting, and Neology is more of a spiritual successor with enhanced mechanics and a more focused perspective on technocrats and the like? If I'm interested in a more fantastical (less scifi/modern) approach, would this version be a better fit?


So the original release is a d10-based system that I designed specifically for it, while Neology uses an adaptation of my game Superfantasy, which is based around d6 pools and creative/narrative use of power sets.

The Sword Saints: Neology files contain a book which is more or less just the rules, character options, and enemies, and a separate file containing the setting info. If you wanted a system designed for more flexible setting-building (i.e. as you suggested more high fantasy and less science fantasy), I'd venture to say Neology would probably be the better choice.

The original Sword Saints is more of a self-contained product, and the fact that Neology is split into two books could help you to separate out stuff you aren't as interested in with regards to the setting.

Also, Superfantasy is- as the name suggests- built for telling pop fantasy stories, and may be worth checking out as well.

Thank you!

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Hello, I love this game, it absolutely rules! I did notice one thing, though, there's some missing text for the Bladed Flower in the pdf! It's still there and accessible in the google sheet version at least, but I thought I should mention it.

Thank you for pointing that out! I'll see if I can get it fixed and uploaded this weekend.

Happy to help! c: