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The Shadow's hand outstretched to claim you...

... and the Mother-Crystal denied them their prize. She woke in you Her gifts and you became Her champion.

Champions of the Mother-Crystal is a FREE GM-less (what I'm calling Oops! All GMs!) tabletop RPG played by 2 or more players. Each player takes on one (or more) of 4 distinct player roles: 

  • The Voice, who speaks for the characters not controlled by the other players. 
  • The Nemesis, who controls the fiends and villains opposing the Champions.
  • The Explorer, who asks and answers questions to broaden the group's knowledge of the world.
  • The Scribe, who records the events of the game in words, drawings, audio, poems, however they see fit.

Together, the group creates and explores Adventures, narrates Cutscenes, untangles villainous plots, and fights powerful boss enemies.

What Is This?

Champions of the Mother-Crystal is a TTRPG based on my passionate love of Final Fantasy XIV. It aims to not merely ape that game's setting and aesthetic, but more to explore what can be learned from MMOs and other video game RPGs and brought to a tabletop roleplaying setting.

Champions are built and maintained independently, but everyone at the table works together to craft the story, the encounters, and make decisions about what happens next and where to go.

The game story is told and played in a series of Patches, which have a gameplay loop starting with a Cutscene that sets up the overarching story of that Patch. Adventures are crafted and then explored, battles are designed and fought, and villains are encountered, their Plot Armor is winnowed down, and then they are defeated (hopefully).

State of the Game and Future Plans

This game exploded out of me in about two weeks from ideation to this beta release. The principle text is not finished yet, as I still have a couple sections to finalize and stitch into it. It is technically playable, and definitely readable, but will be changing and growing only as I have time to work on it.

As the game must remain- by necessity- free, I feel I have a greater commitment at the moment to providing additional content for the owners of my paid games. That said, this is a labor of immense and abiding love. I will not be abandoning it any time soon and want to make it into something truly special.

What's In the (Metaphorical) Box?

  • Aetherological crystalpunk fantasy roleplaying game in a world of magitech & mercenaries, swords & sorcery.
  • MMO-inspired Patch-Cycle gameplay loop complete with communally-narrated Cutscenes and Mid-Patch grinding actions.
  • 16 Job classes with unique character sheets for each. These range from favorites like Black Mage and Summoner to Traveler, Mechanician, and Engiknight!
  • A custom-built gameplay engine designed to facilitate Oops! All GMs! gameplay.
  • A beautiful (currently) 79-page book.

As always, I've uploaded multiple versions of the book's file. Download the 300 DPI versions for use on a laptop or desktop computer, and the much smaller 96 DPI version for use on phones and mobile devices!

And it's FREE. Enjoy it. <3 Please leave a comment and/or 5-star me if you like what I'm doing here. More to come.


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Champions of the Mother-Crystal 300 DPI pages.pdf 132 MB

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