Fixed the File (Whoops)


So the file I uploaded last night while exhausted from cleaning and moving all day was- perhaps unsurprisingly- missing some polish. I have polished those drab & tarnished spots, and it now gleams like a gleamy thing! If you already downloaded it last night, no biggie, nothing huge has changed, but I fixed a few layout issues and put in the page references (i.e. no more "see page XX", now it'll show you where to actually go).

Also going to be cleaning up the store page to be less fugly.

Quick Aside...

If anyone has a podcast or streaming show that they think they might want to do MEGALOS: NEW GAME on as a one-shot, let me know! I'd be happy to run it for you, play in it, or even just know that you'd done it so I can watch the VOD. 🤣


MEGALOS - NEW GAME document 192 dpi.pdf 27 MB
Jun 27, 2022


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