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Is there any chance of a version of this suitable for landscape printing? it looks sweet

I thought I sent a reply, but apparently it didn't go through for some reason, so I'm sorry if this double-posts or something. X'D

I'm seriously considering cleaning up the bleeds, margins, etc. to make pages for a proper print run-- both as practice/familiarity w the print company's process before the full version is printed, and because it sounds like fun.

Probably going to wait until after MGLS:NG+ comes out, but I'm definitely looking at the possibilities of printing right now. I'll keep folks posted on that when I know more.

Thank you! 

(i was meaning for at home printing.. I wld like to run this but I can't run from PDFs...) 

Ohhhh! Yeah I'll see what I can do about that. I'm pretty sure it's in letter format right now, would you be needing A4 or something?

It heeps trying to print two pages landscape on each page of paper so it's doubling up. Letter or A4 is good.

Sorry this took so long! I uploaded a page-by-page format instead of spreads. Should be the third downloadable file in the list. :)